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About Us


Dive into the thrilling world of the Bay Area Sportfishers Club (BASC), an all-inclusive haven that fervently invites anyone who has a fiery passion for fishing or the desire to embark on an exciting journey of mastering the art of fishing. Whether you are a novice, a weekend angler, or a seasoned professional, BASC has something for everyone!


We are not just a club; we are an adventurous community that takes pride in offering riveting activities such as informative presentations that hone your fishing skills, exceptionally priced charter trips, and fishing events specially designed for our club members. With adrenaline-pumping competitions like the annual Big Fish Contest and month-long derbies, we ensure that every fishing experience becomes a cherished memory.

To further add to the excitement, we conduct engaging raffles and host warm-hearted gatherings throughout the year. Our members are skilled in both saltwater and freshwater fishing, providing a versatile fishing environment!


Joining BASC introduces you to a network of fishing enthusiasts, granting you the opportunity to forge lifelong friendships, discover hidden fishing gems, and acquire innovative fishing techniques. Our members own boats and kayaks, promising thrilling water adventures.

With a chance to grab exciting competition prizes, exclusive discounts with our trusted vendors and charters, and access to a treasure trove of online educational resources, BASC membership provides an array of rewarding benefits!


Our streamlined structure ensures that BASC runs smoothly and efficiently. Memberships are renewed annually, with our dedicated Board of Directors, all passionate volunteers, meticulously overseeing club operations. These positions are democratically elected by our members each year, ensuring everyone has a voice.

For those looking to get more involved, opportunities to join committees managing club events are plentiful. Volunteer, participate, and dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of BASC!

Welcome aboard the Bay Area Sportfishers Club - where every fishing tale is an adventure waiting to unfold!

Our Mission

To encourage interest in the sport of fishing, develop new fishing skills, and share our fishing knowledge with others.

To foster and maintain high standards of sportsmanship and the conservation and protection of our natural resources.        


To volunteer and support community organizations such as C.A.S.T., South Bay “Fishing In The City for Kids” and Cub Scouts of America.

Girl Holding fish

Our Leadership Team  - Board of Directors

Sanfrancisco Fishing club President

Steve Estrada


San Jose, CA

sanfrancisco fishing club vide president

Jessica Choi

Vice President

Santa Cruz, CA

San francisco fishing club event contest director

Nicolas Megevand

Event Contest Director

Seattle, WA

Man holding cabazon fish

Frankie Apodaca

Website Director

Forg Bragg, CA

san francsico fishing club treasurer

Siraj Syed


San Jose, CA


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