About Our Club

Our fishing club is one of the most active in the SF Bay Area. Founded in 1972 by HP employees, BASF Bay Area SportFishers has become BASC Bay Area Sportfishers Club. Membership is open to everyone, including women and children. We’re dedicated to the growth and preservation of fishing.

Monthly meeting and fishing trips provide a wide variety of fun and activities for the experienced fisherperson and first timers. As a member, you’ll meet new fishing buddies, discover new fishing “hot spots” and the opportunity to share your fishing knowledge with others including kids.

BASC is a club that provides opportunities for all people interested in fishing. We also take the time to volunteer for such organizations as South Bay Fishing in the City for Kids event, a program to teach inner-city youth how to fish, conserve and respect nature, jointly sponsored with the Department of Fish and Game, County of Santa Clara and City of San Jose. Our members volunteer at the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project hatchery and contribute to other community activities throughout the year. BASC strives to foster and maintain a high standard of sportsmanship. Here's your opportunity to meet others interested in fishing, develop recreational fishing skills and to share fishing knowledge in a fun, social atmosphere.

Our Mission

To encourage interest in the sport of fishing, develop new fishing skills and to share our fishing knowledge with others. To foster and maintain high standards of sportsmanship and the conservation and protection of our natural resources. To volunteer and support community services such as South Bay “Fishing In The City for Kids.”

Our Leadership Team

Pete Sasur



Steve Estrada

Vice President

Director of Programs

Milton Iha



Keith Ng


Rod Kirk

Director of IT

Membership Director

Kelly Avila

Director of Marketing


Nicolas Megevand

Fishing Report Director

Siraj Syed

Director of Social Media