About Us

BASC - Bay Area Sportfishers is a non-profit social fishing club that welcomes everyone who loves fishing or wants to pursue fishing at any experience level from beginner to seasoned pro. Community, Preservation and Goodwill is what we stand for.


  • Our club holds educational meetings with guest speakers.

  • Monthly club events that include fishing trips on charters, surf fishing adventures & more!

  • We make an effort to save our members money on gear, tackle and charter trips...

  • Support our local fishing businesses, vendors & supporters.

  • Provide and maintain the platform for fellowship, networking, education and special fishing events.

  • Give back to the community, live by example and preserve what we have for future generations.



  • Make new fishing friends.

  • Discover new places to fish.

  • Learn new fishing methods, setups and secrets.

  • Meet members with boats & kayaks to expand your fishing adventures.

  • Chance to win contests and raffles for great prizes.

  • Access to our EDUCATIONAL library of fishing resources.



  • YOU! - Joining immediately networks you with people passionate about fishing.

  • Our Next Generation - We desire to impact, guide and teach the kids who will run our future Fishery & Industries.

  • Our Community - Everyone who loves fishing and has the desire to protect our vital resources.

  • Our Partners - Fishing in the City, CAST and Cub Scouts of America. Our members help contribute to organizations that promote and make positive change for our Community, Fishery & Environment.         



  • Member - Anyone who has paid an annual due into the club.

    • Agrees to Club Bylaws, which are set rules established by the Board of Directors.

  • Event Lead - A member who takes on a role to manage a club event or function.

    • This is voluntary that can be a one-time role or for multiple events.

    • This role can be independently managing a club event.

    • This role can also be overseeing a Committee planned event.

  • Committee Member -  A member who volunteers to help out for an event in a group with other members.

    • This is voluntary and can be a one-time role or multiple.

    • Done to ensure proper planning.

    • Helps to spread out the duties and tasks required to have an event.

  • Board Member - A member voted onto the board who volunteers to take on a Critical Job Role for the club.

    • This is a one year anticipated obligation.

    • Holds voting rights for designated board only agendas or club related topics.

    • A more specialized job specific function that typically requires experience.

    • Requires higher level of time investment and participation.

    • Receives no compensation - 100% voluntary.

    • Abides by Club Bylaws.

We encourage those who have interest to inquire on joining our board, volunteering to be an Event Lead or be part of an Event Committee. With more help we have more events and with better results, as simple as that. As the saying goes... What we put in we get out.

Our Mission

To encourage interest in the sport of fishing, develop new fishing skills and to share our fishing knowledge with others.

To foster and maintain high standards of sportsmanship and the conservation and protection of our natural resources.        


To volunteer and support community organizations such as C.A.S.T., South Bay “Fishing In The City for Kids” and Cub Scouts of America.

Our Leadership Team  - Board of Directors

Pete Sasur



Steve Estrada

Vice President

Social Media Director

Marketing Director


Nicolas Megevand

Program Director

Fish Report Director


Keith Ng

Secretary &

Membership Director


Director of IT


Siraj Syed