This 28", 8.5 lb striper was caught by Rod Kirk at Dell Valle Reservoir on 08/02/19. Early morning bite using anchovies at The Narrows.

Los Vaqueros catch by Rod Kirk on June 4, 2019. Power bait for trout and chicken livers and anchovies for the stripers.

21 inch Catfish caught at Los Vaqueros Reservoir using anchovies and powerbait on 09/17/19 by Rod Kirk. 

Quite a few rattlesnakes being seen at Los Vaqueros Reservoir. Use caution when fishing from shore since they can sneak up on you. [06/15/18]

Rod Kirk starts October off with a 7.5LB catfish at Del Valle Res. on Oct 1, 2019.

Steve verifying the improved trout catch at Los Vaqueros Nov. 3, 2019. 

Pete Sasur with striper, trout, & catfish caught at Los Voqueros in May 2019.

A Sandy Wool Lake trout caught by
Pete Sasur on 3/29/18 using green

23 1/2 inch Catfish caught at Sandy Wool Lake on 04/15/18
by Rod Kirk using chicken livers.

Isabella Miller's first time catch! A 5.7 pound catfish at Sandy Wool Reservoir on 05/20/18 in the So. Bay Fishing in the City Program.

Pete and Tri's rock fish and Lingcod catch in Monterey on 07/17/18.

John displaying one of his catch on the

HuliCat out of Halfmoon Bay on

Pete, Steve & Son at Seacliff going after sea perch on 08/02/18.

On the HuliCat out of Halfmoon Bay on 08/18/18.

Nice size fish at 300 ft  on the HuliCat out of Halfmoon Bay on 08/18/18.

Rod enroute to the 300 ft fishing spot on the HuliCat out of Halfmoon Bay on


Calm seas on the HuliCat out of Halfmoon Bay on 08/18/18.

San Diego, Coronado Islands, yellowtail caught by Avi Meyer and brother  - Summer 2018

Avi Mayer's grandson showing big Striper caught in San Luis Reservoir - summer of 2018

Steve and Mike's catch off Santa Cruz on 09/25/18.

Lingcod caught by Steve off Santa Cruz on 09/28/18.

Salmon fishing has been hot off the Golden Gate. Keith Nofield with a nice 16.5 lb salmon on 09/24/18.

Baja Bev caught this Bonita in Nov 2017 on the Northern California Coast.

Pete, David, and Steve showing off their catch at Los Vaqueros Reservoir on 10/18/18. 

Baja Bev with Roosterfish caught Dec 2017 in Costa

Rica out of Zancudo Lodge.

Steve Estrada's Santa Cruz catch on the Pacific Ocean on Sept 29, 2019. 

Some happy campers at the CAST 2018 event, Los
Vaqueros, 10/20/18.

Steve Estrada's crab bounty caught in the Pacific in 10/18.

Pete Sasur with 5-lb trout caught at Los Vaqueros on 10/26/17. Bright green Power Bait used.

Roy Taylor's trout catch at Los
Vaqueros Reservoir on 03/28/18.
Caught at the oak tree near South
Cove using green power bait.

Pete and brother with kids at Los Vaqueros on 04/17/18.
Trout caught on pontoon boat using Powerbait.

Limits of trout and a striper at Los Vaqueros on 05/18/18. Windy day using different types of power baits says Roy Taylor!

Trout,  & Striper Limits and Catfish at Los
Vaqueros Reservoir on a boat. 03/08/18

Largemouth Bass caught by Rod Kirk on 12/20/17 at
the Los Vaqueros Marina pier. Used nightcrawlers.
Very cold and windy; in the 30's.

Send us your photos and let everyone know how fishing is going!

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