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The Wonder Of The Indiana Strip Mine Pits

Years ago, coal strip mining was taking place in the southwest corner of Indiana. The coal is located in a relatively narrow strip and is mined by scraping or digging up the "cover" above the coal layer. That cover is dumped to the side of the developing pit which could be anywhere from 15 to 75 feet in depth. After the mining is completed, most of the pits will fill up with water, usually because of natural springs in the area. Over time nature does some wonderful healing and you end up with a lush hilly forest surrounding a cool clear water lake. This summer, I had another opportunity to visit a family property in Indiana which has a lake which was once a coal strip mine. As you can see fr

Teach A Kid To Fish

Billy Larson, 12, was born and raised in the city by a single parent, his mother. “Fish” was something you bought at the grocery store. Fishing? What is that? For Billy and hundreds of city kids like him, fishing is not cool or something you do today. Unless someone teaches you. Thus was born South Bay “Fishing In the City” for Kids. Since 1995, South Bay Fishing in the City has taught thousands of local children 5 to 15 on how to fish through in-school programs and fishing clinics at various Santa Clara County and San Jose City parks. The program also provides children an appreciation of the outdoors, and promotes a sense of stewardship of parks, fishing and the environment as a whole. The

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