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Crabbing with Phil Out of Half Moon Bay

Club member Phil Nguyen called me Monday night asking if I wanted to go crabbing with him and a friend Tuesday on his boat out of Half Moon Bay. Two nights previous, he set 7 crab pots a few miles outside of Half Moon Bay. Turns out I was free and said sure. What time? 6am--which meant that I had to get up at 4:45am to meet him in a parking lot in Cupertino at 6am. I hate getting up at that ridiculous hour but that’s what you do to go crabbing with Phil. After stopping for gas and coffee, we arrived at the harbor around 7:30am. It was just getting daylight, chilly and many crabbers were already out on the choppy water dropping and checking their pots. I spotted one brave sole on a kayak haul

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