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Monthly Club Derbies

Everyone loves competition. Everyone loves to show off a PB (personal best) record fish. It's what makes fishing the endless adventure we live for. BASC  recognizes this to be the most enjoyable challenge for any passionate fisherman. Anyone can catch a lifetime fish and we want to share your special experience with others and reward you for it too!


We track all of the biggest fish (by length) that are caught by our members. If you catch one of the biggest Fish, your name will be placed as a leader in Master List of that Derbie until another member can prove they caught a bigger one.


  • Members get FREE entry into all Month Long Derbies for 2023.

  • All Prizes will be a $25 value gift card. The vendor of gift cards selected by BASC may vary.

  • Catch can be entered into MULTIPLE competitions! (Example: the large trout you caught for the trout comp can be entered into the "big fish" Competition

  • All Contests/Competitions/Derbies MUST follow Big Fish Contest Rules and Processes.

  • Trout derby and Big Fish Contest must submit entries to both individually.

  • Anglers must follow all rules, regulations, and daily limits as outlined in their local fishing regulations for both state/federal (CDFW) and privately run waters.

Note:    This increased number of competitions is a 1-year trial run to see if it's a popular activity for our club. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. BASC leadership desires to make this club fun and exciting and is open-minded to trying new things to increase fun and activity for its members.

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