Grant Park - A Nearby Place to Fish

You know the feeling; you want to go fishing but you don't want to get up early and travel a long distance only to fight traffic while you are returning half asleep. There is one great location only seven miles from San Jose which is the remedy. It is Grant Park, otherwise known as Joseph D. Grant County Park. You get there by taking Quimby Rd all the way the up into the hills and then make a right turn on to Highway 130 which ends up at Mt. Hamilton. The road up to Grant Park is very twisty and interesting with great views of the valley.

I decided to do a late afternoon trip up there to try my hand at fishing in Grant Lake since it had been over twenty five years since I last visited there. We arrived at about 3:30 and found a spot. Within just a few minutes we were getting a barrage of bites. We were using redworms and a bobber. The bluegill were biting and in the end we caught 5 of them.

We talked to the ranger who came by to try and catch poachers. They are having a big problem with people sneaking in at night and catch undersize and over limit buckets of bass. Hopefully they can catch them soon since this ruins it for us who follow the fishing regulations.There are only carp, bluegill, and bass in the lake. In previous years the Fish & Game Dept. stocked the lake but there were issue and arguments and finally the Fish & Game Dept. gave up and stopped stocking.

There are lots of wild pigs here, as well as rattle snakes, tarantulas, and bobcats. If you want to stay close to home for a short fishing trip, this is a great place.

We finished our day at sunset, just prior to 6 pm, and headed home.