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If you love fishing or want to learn more about this wonderful outdoor sport, welcome to the BASF Bay Area SportFishers club! Discover new fishing “hot spots,” meet new fishing buddies, share fishing tips and join us for monthly club fishing outings and events. We also host and sponsor special fishing clinics for kids, women and first-timers.


If you would like to check us out, please tune into one of our online (Zoom) fishing roundtables. To become a member, click the "Join" tab on the menu. We can also be found on by clicking on the Meetup logo shown on this page.

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BASF Fish Reports

> Los Vaqueros variable day. Few stripers. Some limits of trout but mostly DFW trout. Rainbow Powerbait. [01/12/22]

> Seabrite Beach perch fishing was pretty good.  A15+ inch perch weighing 2.75 pounds caught.  [01/06/22]

> Fishing at Los Vaqueros. pretty good with limits of Lassen trout and DFG trout.  Generally lots of striper shakers but some keepers. Water level is very low requiring the switchback ramp to be used to get down to the boats in the marina. [11/18/21]

> Good fishing at Del Valle with water level full. 22" striper and some Lassen and DFG trout.  [11/16/21]

> 9hr trip on Stagnaros charter out of Santa Cruz for LingCod and rockfish. About a dozen LingCod caught and plenty of up to medium size rockfish. [10/03/21]

> Good size trout limits in 70 minutes in Howden cove at Los Vaqueros. Seems to be ping ponging between Penn Cove and Howden Cove.  [06/03/21]

> Good size trout being caught at Del Valle but the stripers were quiet.  [06/16/21]


> Stripers were hungry at Del Valle. Catches in the Narrows and to the left of the dam. [06/06/21]

> Great fishing in Monterey on Chris' charters.  Seems better than out of Santa Cruz this month. [06/03/21]

> Del Valle Reservoir continues to be great for stripers and catfish. Bigger than the ones at Los Vaqueros. Fish the Narrows deep. [05/22/21]


> Sandy Wool Reservoir providing fun catches of trout for the kids. East  bank in the morning and west bank towards the end of day. Different Powerbaits working. Smaller trout. [03/27/21]


> Excellent limits of trout at Los Vaqueros Reservoir. Nice 26 1/2 inch, 7 3/4 LB trout caught. Best bait was Chartreuse and Red Salmon PowerBait. Striper action of not good. [03/02/21]

> Good trout, striper and catfish action at Los Vaqueros. Trout up to 4lb. [01/18/21]


Join us for a day of productive fishing on Stagnaros charters in Santa Cruz

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Good day at Los Vaquerous

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Keith with his trophy trout, 24", caught at Los Vaqueros 


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Roy Taylor  -  03/02/21

Los Vaqueros Res.           26 1/2"                   7 3/4 lb


Name  -  Date

Location                         Length                    Weight

Striped Bass

Name  -  Date

Location                         Length                    Weight

Rock Fish

Name  -  Date

Location                         Length                    Weight


Name  -  Date


Name  -  Date

Location                         Length                    Weight

Location                         Length                    Weight

Largemouth Bass

Name  -  Date

Location                         Length                    Weight

Video--BASF sponsors "South Bay Fishing In The City for Kids" event April 23, 2017


BASF Club outing at Los Vaqueros
Reservoir on 10/17/21

Pete Sasur and Larry Hayes display their catch
at Los Vaqueros Reservoir


Annual, popular 2017 "Fish Fry" party

Nick's first visit catch at Los

Vaqueros Reservoir - 10/02/19

Wally, Vincent, Pete, and Kelly had a great time on Stagnaros out of Santa Cruz. - April 2021


At the November 2017 De Anza Flea Market

Rod with nice Striper catch in May 2021 at Del Valle..

We teach the younger ones
how to catch fish!

"Baja Bev" with catch on Huli Cat in Half Moon Bay - 2017

"Baja Bev" with a nice catch on the "Huli Cat" Half Moon Bay


Pete catching catfish at Los Vaqueros Reservoir - 10/18/18

5 lb yellowtail caught by Jane Iha on charter boat Huli Cat fishing out of Half Moon Bay


BASF Club trip on Stagnaros - 09/27/21