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If you love fishing, welcome to the BASF Bay Area Sportfishers club! Discover new fishing “hot spots,” meet new fishing buddies, share fishing tips and join us for monthly club fishing outings and events. We also host and sponsor special fishing events for kids, women and first-timers.


If you would like to check us out, please come to one of our fishing roundtables at Hobee's Cupertino restaurant. To become a member, click the "Join" tab on the menu. We can also be found on by clicking on the Meetup logo below.

Keith displaying improving trout catch on Nov. 2, 2019 at Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

Good day at Los Vaquerous

Keith with his trophy trout, 24", caught at Los Vaqueros on Power Bait


-> Improving trout catch at Los Vaqueros. Some stripers, mostly smaller. A few catfish. [11/02/19]

-> All of October has been producing tons of catfish in the Narrows at Del Valle Lake. Catch is usually great in the morning and tapering off around noon. Striper boils are typically in the morning. Few trout and stripers are not abundant. Nice weather, little wind.  [10/24/19]

-> Nice weather brought a good catch of catfish in the 7 to 12 lb range in the narrows. Just a few stripers and very few trout. [10/01/19]

-> The Red Tide was playing havoc with the fishing conditions out of Santa Cruz making for near limit catches of small fish. Very few Lings. [09/27/19]


-> Many undersize stripers being caught. Two 21" catfish caught in Howden Cove at Los Vaqueros Reservoir. Anchovies and, would you believe rainbow powerbait? Few trout caught. Get weather conditions for LV at [09/17/19]

-> Tons of bites but only two 18" keeper stripers at Los Vaqueros Reservoir. Anchovies and chicken livers seems to work. [09/12/19]

-> Nice 28" striper caught in the Del Valle Narrows in the early AM using their boat rental and anchovies. [08/02/19]

-> Private boat on Del Valle Reservoir. Great water level, low wind. fish bite in the morning. One 24" striper caught to left of dam. [07/16/19]


-> Hot day on Los Vaqueros Reservoir. Two nice trout and one nice striiper caught before 11am in a cove on a boat. Bite dropped off after that.[06/04/19]

Monthly Roundtable at
Hobee's in Cupertino
January 8, 2020


Fishing Trips 2020
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Christmas Party
December 11, 2019

Video--BASF sponsors "South Bay Fishing In The City for Kids" event April 23, 2017

We teach the younger ones
how to catch fish!

Pete Sasur and Larry Hayes display their catch at Los Vaqueros Reservoir

Annual, popular 2017 "Fish Fry" party

At the November 2017 De Anza Flea Market

5 lb yellowtail caught by Jane Iha on charter boat Huli Cat fishing out of Half Moon Bay

Nick's first visit catch at Los

Vaqueros Reservoir - 10/02/19

Steve Estrada & son Alex with huge lingcod out of Monterey

"Baja Bev" with a nice catch on the "Huli Cat" Half Moon Bay

Pete catching catfish at Los Vaqueros Reservoir - 10/18/18

Steve Estrada with trout and striper catch at Los Vaqueros on 01/23/19. 

Stripers - San Luis Reservoir by Avi Meyers grandson.

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